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Need advice or information for navigating Computer Science at Harvard and beyond? There are several resources available to you, listed below.

Directors of Undergraduate Studies

The Directors of Undergraduate Studies for Computer Science (including the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies) can help any student, including concentrators, secondaries, pre-concentrators, or anyone else interested in Computer Science. See the contact page for how to contact the DUSes.

For administrative issues, you can contact Beth Musser, our Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

Peer Concentration Advisors

Peer Concentration Advisors (PCAs) serve as peer advisors for current CS concentrators and pre-concentrators, providing a valuable perspective and helping students to discover additional resources and opportunities. Students can reach out to meet with PCAs with similar academic, career, or extracurricular interests.

More information is on the PCA page.

Concentration Advisors

Every Computer Science concentrator is assigned an advisor from the Computer Science faculty, shown in your my.harvard Advising Network with the role “Ind Concentration Advisor”.

Your advisor can help guide you through your CS degree and will release the advising hold on your study card at the start of each term. But your advisor is not just there to release the study card hold: we encourage you to consult with them on which areas of CS you want to learn more about, research and summer opportunities, and your plans for your remaining time at Harvard and beyond. (For questions about concentration requirements or administrative issues, you should probably contact the Directors of Undergraduate Studies.)

You should meet with your concentration advisor once each term, typically (but not necessarily) before the Course Registration deadline. Your concentration advisor should email you at or before the beginning of the term, but feel free to reach out to them.

We assign advisors to students (including newly declared concentrators) just before the start of each term. We try to keep you with the same advisor from term to term, but faculty occasionally go on leave and we may have needed to assign you to a different advisor. When you declare, or if you would like to change your concentration advisor, you are welcome to express your preferences, if any, for your concentration advisor by filling in this form. We will try to accommodate your preferences, but may be unable to do so.

Information sessions

Some information sessions that demystify various aspects of being a CS concentrator are listed below.

Date Topic Time, Place
2022-09-23 How to Prepare for Technical Interviews 3:30-5pm, RSVP required, 1 Brattle Sq #203
2022-10-12 Computer Science Industry Mixer 5-6pm, RSVP required, SEC LL2 Atrium
2022-10-18 AB/SM information session noon, RSVP required, Zoom
2022-10-24 CS career paths in health alumni panel 3:45-4:45pm, RSVP required, SEC 1.413
2022-11-01 Undergraduate Research Labs Open House 5:30-6:45pm, virtual, RSVP required
2022-11-02 Research Paths in CS After Graduation Panel 4:30pm-5:30pm, RSVP for Zoom link
2022-11-09 AB/SM information session 4pm, RSVP required, Zoom
2022-11-10 Entrepreneurship CS Alumni Panel 4pm, Zoom, RSVP required
2022-11-14 What is Product Development? 4:30-5pm, Pierce Hall, RSVP
2022-11-17 The Product Development Lifecycle 4pm, Zoom, RSVP required

Online Resources

Answers to many common questions and issues are available on this website. Other resources (such as online guides and the Piazza CS student forum) are listed on the Resources page.

Harvard College Advising Programs Office

The Harvard College Advising Programs Office is charged with coordinating, supporting, and facilitating academic advising programs for all undergraduates and, as such, works with students, faculty, the First-Year Experience Office, the Houses and other Harvard College and FAS offices on all aspects of pre-concentration and concentration advising.

CS Feedback

This is a form for anonymous feedback, for your ideas for CS to consider, or to let us know how you’re doing. CS Feedback.