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Teaching and advising

Computer Science students have a number of opportunities to be teachers and mentors for their fellow students. 

Peer Concentration Advisors (PCAs)

PCAs are peer advisors for current CS concentrators and pre-concentrators, providing a valuable perspective and helping direct students to additional resources. More information on the Peer Concentration Advisors page.

Alex Patel Teaching Fellows

The Alex Patel Teaching Fellowships are prestigious fellowships awarded to students to provide one-on-one tutoring in Computer Science courses. Please see this page for more details.

Teaching Fellows and Course Assistants

If you are interested in being a Teaching Fellow (TF) or Course Assistant (CA) for a Computer Science course, look for an email to the cs-undergrads@seas.harvard.edu mailing list requesting applications. Also feel free to directly contact the instructor. If you have a strong interest in or understanding of the course material (for example, if you took the course and received an A- or an A) we encourage you to apply!

Peer Tutoring at the Academic Resource Center

Peer tutoring is an opportunity for you to connect with a fellow student either to get help with your courses or to provide assistance in courses in which you have previously done well. Academic Resource Center (ARC) Peer Tutors are paid hourly for their time. The ARC connects Harvard students with a network of trained peers who can support their learning. Peer Tutors can provide an extra layer of academic support for students by reviewing critical concepts and materials from class, clarifying points of confusion, and developing study strategies for upcoming exams.

Computer Science Peer Tutors are in high demand! You can be a Peer Tutor in a course if you received an A- or higher. If you are a TF/CA for a course, it may still be possible for you to also be a Peer Tutor for the course.

For more information, including how to register as a Peer Tutor, see https://academicresourcecenter.harvard.edu/peer-tutoring.

Community groups

Many student-run groups provide an opportunity to teach and mentor fellow College students and members of the broader community. See the Student Organizations page for links to these groups.