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Peer Concentration Advisors

Peer Concentration Advisors (PCAs) serve as peer advisors for current CS concentrators and pre-concentrators, providing a valuable perspective and helping students to discover additional resources and opportunities. Students can reach out to meet with PCAs with similar academic, career, or extracurricular interests.

For more information, including if you would like to find and meet with a PCA that would be a good match for your interests or concerns, or if you are interested in being a PCA, please reach out to the PCA Co-Captains, Matthew Nazari and Omar Shareef, through the email address cs-pca@seas.harvard.edu.

April Chen

Picture of April Chen

Class of 2023, lives in Adams.



About Me: I’m from near San Francisco, California, and am a rising junior in Adams (after taking a gap this past year. I’m doing a joint concentration in CS and Government and really interested in civic tech, tech for social good, and tech policy, especially related to education and social justice. Happy to talk about CS research, joint concentrations, internships (startups/big tech), tech for social good, classes, or anything else!

CS Interests: Data science, ML, equity/bias

Other Interests: Music (opera, acapella, orchestras) and Literature (ex-English secondary)

Concentration: Computer Science and Government

Courses: CS50, CS 121, CS 124, MIT 6.036, Stat 110

Tags: Internships, Research, Joint Concentration, CS & Humanities, Entrepreneurship, possible AB/SM

Affinity Groups WiCS

Eshika Saxena

Picture of Eshika Saxena

Class of 2023, lives in Lowell.



About Me: I’m interested in artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer vision, and the intersection of computer science and healthcare. On campus, I’m involved with WiCS, GAMI, SWE, and WIB. I love baking/cooking, teaching CS, traveling, and dancing. I’m happy to talk about doing CS research, finding internships, intro CS courses, and life in general! Feel free to reach out anytime through email or Facebook message :)

Concentration: Computer Science with a secondary in Statistics

Courses: CS 50, CS 51, CS 124, CS 108, Stat 110

Tags: CS research, internships

Affinity Groups: South Asian Association

Karina Halevy

Picture of Karina Halevy

Class of 2023, lives in Currier.




About Me: I’m a junior interested in natural language processing (NLP)/computational linguistics, STEM education, and the intersections of CS with/applications of CS to public policy/law/social science/history. Outside of CS, I’m also interested in performing arts (especially dance), language learning, and public service. I’m happy to talk about NLP, CS research, TFing/designing curriculum/tutoring/educational equity, summer tech internship recruiting (particularly software engineering and industry research roles), and getting involved with the Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company or the Phillips Brooks House Association!

CS Interests: Natural Language Processing, CS Education, Software Engineering

Other Interests: Educational equity, dance, public service, public policy

Concentration: Computer Science & History

Courses: CS 50, CS 51, CS 124, Math 23A/B, CS 187, MIT 6.840, Stat 110, Stat 111 Tags: Research, Internships, Joint Concentration

Affinity Groups: WiCS

Lucy He

Picture of Lucy He

Class of 2023, lives in Winthrop.


About Me: I’m interested in ML & recommendation systems, mathematical modeling, data analysis, and carbon footprint of computing devices. Outside of classes, I’m also passionate about EdTech and curating open-source collaborative community. I also love musical theater, reading, and traveling (sadly not now). Feel free to reach out about international student experience as well. Happy to chat about any of the above or anything else you’d like to discuss.

Concentration: Joint Computer Science and Math

Courses: CS50, CS51

Tags: International, Joint Concentration

Matthew Nazari

Picture of Matthew Nazari

Class of 2024, lives in Mather.



About Me: I’m a sophomore at Mather from San Jose, California studying Computer Science and Linguistics. I’m very interested in the intersection between linguistics and computation. Currently, I’m taking a bunch of classes on machine learning from a generative and Bayesian perspective, which I’m finding very fascinating. Outside of school, you can find me on night runs along the Charles or in the ceramics studio. Feel free to contact me with any questions at all!

CS Interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, CS Education

Other Interests: Lerni strangajn lingvojn estas cxiam amuze!

Concentration: Computer Science and Linguistics

Courses: CS50, CS51, CS124, CS153, CS242, CS282r, CS282br, AM207

Tags: FGLI, Joint Concentration, AB/SM, Internships

Michael Wu

Picture of Michael Wu

Class of 2022, lives in Eliot.





About Me: Hey! I’m a social entrepreneur dedicated to building things that make a difference. I’m currently doing half-time machine learning research at Harvard for creating fairer ML algorithms in education and working on a peer-to-peer charitable fundraising app. In the past, I’ve built solar-powered microreactors for sustainable pharmaceutical synthesis, analyzed secondary organic aerosols and their impacts on global warming, published a few papers and created a free virtual college applications counselor called Etruscan. I’m an HBS Tech Fellow too so hit me up if you’re interested in learning more about the startup scene on campus.

CS Interests: ML, Social Impact, App/Web Dev, Genomics, Fintech

Other Interests: Basketball (Go Lakers!), Chess, Reading, Football

Concentration: Computer Science

Courses: CS 50, CS 124, CS 181, Stat 110, AM 120, CS 136, CS 121

Tags: Entrepreneurship, Research, CS & Humanities

Mohammed Guerrab

Picture of Mohammed Guerrab

Class of 2023, lives in Kirkland.



About Me: Regarding my CS interests, I enjoy ed tech, data science, and CS education (CA for CS50). Besides CS, I enjoy board games, travelling, languages, fitness and food. As a first generation college student, I am happy to help all students navigate the plethora of opportunities available at Harvard and beyond.

Concentration: Computer Science; Citation in Arabic

Courses: CS50, CS20, Math 23A, Math 23C

Tags: FGLI

Ray Chen

Picture of Ray Chen

Class of 2023, lives in Eliot.



About Me: Originally from Central NJ, I am a junior at Harvard concentrating in computer science with a secondary in history of science. I’ve been involved with a variety of work: I was a software developer intern at a large fintech company in NYC and a frontend developer intern at a Series E digital health startup in Seattle. On campus, I was involved with 2 engineering clubs (Harvard Global Alliance for Medical Innovation and Tech for Social Good) where I worked on projects that serve others outside of the United States. In my free time, you can find me wandering around campus bopping along to my latest Spotify Discover Weekly playlist or mentally rehearsing my next bad jokes standup routine. Feel free to reach out!

CS Interests: Healthcare Technology, Social Impact

Other Interests: I am also heavily involved with Asian American Dance Troupe (AADT) where we hold an end of semester performance showcasing a variety of dances. Also feel free to ask me about my experience attempting a backflip!

Concentration: Computer Science with a Secondary in History of Science

Courses: CS50, CS51, CS124, CS152, CS179, CS109, CS191, STAT110, MIT 6.840

Tags: CS & Humanities

Affinity Groups: Chinese Student Association

Shreyas Iyer

Picture of Shreyas Iyer

Class of 2023, lives in Cabot. From Munster, IN.



About Me: Hey all! I’m a sophomore in Cabot House studying CS. My CS interests include AI/ML, hardware, cloud computing, privacy, and computational economics. I’m also pursuing a secondary in Economics. I love playing the cello and reading non-fiction, and on campus, I’m involved in HCCG, HFAC, and the Debating Union. I’m happy to talk about finding an internship, doing CS research @ Harvard, music, TV shows to watch, or anything else!

Concentration: Computer Science, secondary in Economics

Courses: CS 50, CS 51

Tags: Started CS Late

Affinity Groups: South Asian Association, Harvard Dharma

Siona Prasad

Picture of Siona Prasad

Class of 2023, lives in Lowell. From Vienna, Austria.



About Me: My name is Siona and I am currently a sophomore in Lowell studying Computer Science and Statistics. I am really interested in the application of tech to healthcare and medicine using data science/machine learning tools. I’d be happy to talk about CS research, being CS-premed, women in tech, and just navigating CS at Harvard. Outside of CS, I am also involved with Crimson Emergency Medical Services, our South Asian Association, and club tennis.

Concentration: Computer Science, secondary in Statistics

Courses: CS50, Stat110, CS124, CS179, Ls1a/Ls1b

Tags: Pre-med

Affinity Groups: South Asian Association

Sophia Cho

Picture of Sophia Cho

Class of 2024, lives in Kirkland.



About Me: I’m a sophomore in Kirkland studying CS, Statistics, and Economics. I’m interested in applying data science in the financial sector. On campus, I’m a CA for CS50 and am involved in the Harvard Public Opinion Project at the IOP. In my free time, I enjoy learning new languages, playing the cello, and swimming. Feel free to reach out about any of the above or anything else on your mind!

CS Interests: Data Science

Concentration: Computer Science and Statistics, secondary in Economics

Courses: CS20, CS50, CS51, CS109A, CS120, STAT110

Tags: Joint Concentration