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Peer Concentration Advisors

Peer Concentration Advisors (PCAs) serve as peer advisors for current CS concentrators and pre-concentrators, providing a valuable perspective and helping students to discover additional resources and opportunities. Students can reach out to meet with PCAs with similar academic, career, or extracurricular interests.

For more information, please reach out to the PCA Co-Captains, Brian Ham and Sophia Cho, through the email address cs-pca@seas.harvard.edu.


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Peer Concentration Advisor Bios

Alex Bernat

Picture of Alex Bernat

Class of 2025, lives in Lowell.



About Me: Hi! I’m Alex! I’m Class of ‘25 and originally from the North Shore suburbs of Chicago. I’m a Joint Electrical Engineering and Computer Science concentrator. I have a background in computer systems research and have spent my summers working for the US Department of Defense and doing research and quant! In my free time, you can find me playing golf, squash or rowing recreationally. I’m also on the board of the Harvard Computer Society.

CS Interests: Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, HPC

Other Interests: Squash, Golf, Recreational Rowing

Concentration: Joint Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Courses: CS61, CS161, ES150, ES152, CS141, AM111, CS 20

Tags: Research, Internships, Joint Concentration, TFing

Affinity Groups Harvard Chabad, Harvard Students for Israel

AnhPhu Nguyen

Picture of AnhPhu Nguyen

Class of 2025, lives in Currier.




About Me: Hi, I’m AnhPhu, and I’m a rising Junior at Harvard with a passion for engineering, science, technology, and entrepreneurship. I am special concentrating in Human Augmentation (the study of improving humans cognitively and physically), I run Harvard’s AR/VR club, where we do a lot of research and development into futuristic human computer interfaces, and am also very interested in entrepreneurship. My biggest thing before Harvard was founding/running my own phone repair store in my hometown, and now, I work for an early stage startup. I also do a lot of side projects, including building my own electric skateboards, iron man helmet, robot arms attached to your back, etc.

I can give a lot of great advice on how to get involved in tech and/or entrepreneurship at Harvard, and the resources you can access, both hardware and software!

CS Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Human computer interaction, Augmented/Virtual Reality research & development, computer vision

Other Interests:

  • startups/entrepreneurship
  • future of technology
  • philosophy
  • human augmentation
  • hardware prototyping/digital fabrication
  • DIY

Concentration: Human Augmentation

Courses: CS50, CS51, GENED 1091, EC10A, MATH 1B, CS20, MIT 2.S972, EXPOS 20 1981, ES139, ES152, ES155, MCB145, NEURO 240, STAT 110, MIT MAS.600 (Human Augmentation), CS 181, GENED 1064, ES 94

Tags: FGLI, Internships, Research (self-directed), Entrepreneurship

Ayush Noori

Picture of Ayush Noori

Class of 2025, lives in Adams.




About Me: I’m a junior in Adams House concentrating in Computer Science and Neuroscience. I conduct research at the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence – including computer vision, natural language processing, and graph representation learning – to better understand the human brain. I seek to engineer computational tools that may help enable new diagnostic and treatment options for neurologic disease. Over the past few years, I’ve worked in research labs across Harvard Medical School, the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, and Massachusetts General Hospital. Outside of the lab, I enjoy bird watching and meditation, and am an avid consumer of mangoes. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time – excited to meet you!

CS Interests: Graph Representation Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Contextual and Multimodal Learning

Other Interests: In addition to CS, I also study neuroscience. I enjoy writing creative non-fiction, meditation, reading Hindi-Urdu poetry and sci-fi short stories, bird watching, listening to South Asian music, and traveling.

Concentration: Computer Science and Neuroscience

Courses: CS 50, MATH 21B, CS 120, STAT 110, NEURO 120, CS 124, NEURO 140

Tags: Joint Concentration, Pre-Med, Research, Entrepreneurship

Affinity Groups Harvard Bahá’í Club, South Asian Association

Brian Ham

Picture of Brian Ham

Class of 2025, lives in Dunster.



About Me: Hey! I’m a rising junior from Seoul, Korea studying CS and Statistics with a potential master’s in CS. I’m primarily interested in machine learning, specifically reinforcement learning in mobile health (with the DtAK lab) and emotion AI applied to large language models. I’m also passionate about data science journalism and am heavily involved with the Harvard Open Data Project (hodp.org). In my free time, you can find me playing with the Futsal Club or in the Pops Orchestra. Feel free to reach out about any and all questions you have!

CS Interests: Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Interpretability

Other Interests: Soccer/Basketball, Chess, Music, Biking, Word Hunt

Concentration: Computer Science and Statistics

Courses: CS50, 61, 109a, 124, 136, 181, 238; Stat 110, 111, 210; MIT 6.390, 6.861

Tags: Research, Internships, Startups, International

Affinity Groups Harvard Korean Association

Cas Li

Picture of Cas Li

Class of 2025, lives in Currier.



About Me: I’m a junior in Currier originally from Massachusetts, concentrating in CS and Theater, Dance & Media and pursuing a concurrent S.M. in CS. I’ve spent my past two summers as a software engineering intern at Meta and Stripe, and I’ll be a quantitative trading intern at Jane Street this coming summer. Outside of CS, you can find me directing and writing musical theatre for the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, along with serving on the exec board of the Asian Student Arts Project (Harvard’s pan-Asian theatre group)! I’d love to chat about figuring out career plans, especially on the industry side, along with how you can successfully pursue arts/humanities interests alongside CS :)

CS Interests: Theory, Data Science, AI/ML

Other Interests: Theatre, Music, Film, Creative Writing

Concentration: Computer Science and Theater, Dance & Media

Courses: CS51, CS 121, CS124, CS181, CS229r, Stat 110, Math 55a, Hum 10

Tags: Internships, CS & Humanities, AB/SM, (Deciding between) Joint/Double Concentration

Affinity Groups WiCS

Eric Shen

Picture of Eric Shen

Class of 2024, lives in Winthrop.



About Me: Hello! I’m a rising senior, hailing from Toronto. Like many at Harvard, I’m relatively new to the CS scene, following CS50x during my senior year of high school. I’ve come a ways since then and have been fortunate to partake in some rewarding internships; I spent one summer at Stripe and another at Jane Street. Outside of CS coursework, I’m working towards obtaining a concurrent Master’s in statistics, have dabbled in undergrad research projects, and have served on the teaching staff of courses such as CS124 and CS50 (full circle, I guess). In a past life, I served on the board of a student-run consulting club; more recently, I’ve developed minute obsessions with bouldering and running. Happy to talk about quite possibly anything.

CS Interests: machine learning / artificial intelligence (alignment), software engineering, startups, CS education

Other Interests: running, trail running, hiking, scrambling, bouldering; biking, skiing, snowboarding; crosswords, youtube documentaries, paperback books; soft indie, post-punk, shoegaze, experimental rock, abstract hip-hop, death metal.

Concentration: Computer Science and Mathematics

Courses: CS50, 51, 61, 124, 184, 208, 262, 282. STAT 111, 185, 210. MATH 25a/b. MIT 6.100, 6.390 (6.036)

Tags: International, Research, Internships, Started CS Late, AB/SM, Joint Concentration

Ethan McFarlin

Picture of Ethan McFarlin

Class of 2024, lives in Leverett.




About Me: Hey there, I hope your semester is going well! My name is Ethan, and I’m a senior year CS concentrator at the College. I’m originally from Colorado Springs and Omaha, Nebraska, but Boston quickly has evolved into a home of its own for me. I’m really enthusiastic about the niche of data visualization and storytelling within the broader CS umbrella, especially as tools for public health and environmental justice. Outside of campus life, I enjoy listening to music by Sufjan Stevens and Alvvays, going on spontaneous travel adventures, and working on art/tech projects.

CS Interests: Data visualization, UI/UX design, data science, web engineering, HCI

Other Interests: Indie music, blue-biking across Boston, video editing, graphic design, backpacking

Concentration: Computer Science

Courses: CS73, CS171, CS121, CS91R, CS51, CS20, AIT Budapest Deep Learning, AIT Budapest Algorithms & Data Structures

Tags: Study Abroad, Research, CS & Humanities

Gabe LeBlanc

Picture of Gabe LeBlanc

Class of 2025, lives in Cabot.



About Me: I’m a junior from Connecticut jointly concentrating in Computer Science and Sociology with a secondary field in Educational Studies. I’m interested in data science applications with social impact, so I live at the intersection of technology and the social sciences. On campus, I love to teach (I’m a Head TF for CS50 - come say hi!), explore the arts scene (music, theatre, dance, pottery, you name it), and take lots of long walks. I had a bit of an unconventional - and late - journey into CS at Harvard, so I’m more than happy to talk about the department and its resources if you’re considering studying CS! Feel free to reach out anytime :)

CS Interests: Data Science, CS Education, Web Development, Tech & Society

Other Interests: Music (I play viola!), reading, public service, theatre

Concentration: Computer Science & Sociology

Courses: CS50, CS51, CS20, CS120, CS109a, CS141, CS171, STAT110

Tags: Joint Concentration, CS & Social Sciences, Study Abroad

Affinity Groups Harvard BGLTQ

Hannah Zhou

Picture of Hannah Zhou

Class of 2025, lives in Mather.



About Me: Hello! I’m a junior in Mather originally from Palo Alto, California! I’m interested in educational equity, ML, quantitative finance, and the general interdisciplinary applications of CS. Would love to talk about CS/ML research, tech/quant internships, women in tech, classes, or life in general :) I’ve also tried out a variety of Harvard’s CS-adjacent clubs so happy to talk about that as well. Outside of CS, I love traveling, reading, dancing, spikeball, and going on hikes!

CS Interests: Machine Learning, CS Education, WebDev, Systems

Other Interests: Reading, Traveling, Dancing, Spikeball, History, Spanish

Concentration: Computer Science with a secondary in Economics

Courses: CS50, CS20, CS181, STAT110, CS61, CS120, CS124, CS196

Tags: Internships, Research

Affinity Groups WiCS

Jasai Martinez

Picture of Jasai Martinez

Class of 2026, lives in Quincy.



About Me: Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore in Quincy from Oakland, CA planning to study CS and Statistics. I am passionate about data science, web development, education, and diversity in tech. On campus, I am involved with LiFT, SHPE, and a Peer Tutor for the ARC. Outside of campus, I love all things movies, video games, and making coffee – you can find me working at Peet’s on Mt Auburn St :) Feel free to reach out, I’m here to support you or chat more about any of my experiences!

CS Interests: Data Science, Web Development, Education

Other Interests: Coffee, Traveling, Music, Games

Concentration: Computer Science and Statistics

Courses: CS50, CS 51, CS109, CS120, Stat110, Math22, ES150

Tags: FGLI, Double Concentration, Internships, Student Organizations

Affinity Groups Harvard Latinxs in Finance & Technology (LiFT), Harvard SEAS Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

Jothi Ramaswamy

Picture of Jothi Ramaswamy

Class of 2024, lives in Cabot.



About Me: I’m a senior in Cabot, originally from Westchester, NY. I’m passionate about building and supporting tech that is mission driven and has social impact. I am really interested in supporting women in STEM, and have previously hosted my own podcast interviewing women in STEM, media, and entrepreneurship. I spent the 2020-2021 school year on a leave of absence and I’m open to discussing my experiences making this decision! On campus, I have TF’d CS50, Stat110, and CS178, I was previously on the core team for Harvard Blockchain, and I’m planning on pursuing the AB/SM program in CS. I have also pursued multiple SWE internships that I would be happy to talk about!

CS Interests: Machine Learning, App Development, Human Computer Interaction

Other Interests: Podcasts, Dance, Jewelry Making, Venture Capital, Blockchain

Concentration: Computer Science (potential Global Health and Health Policy secondary)

Courses: CS50, CS61, CS121, CS124, CS136, CS181, CS191, CS231, CS262, CS276, CS279, STAT110

Tags: Internships, Entrepreneurship, AB/SM

Affinity Groups WiCS, South Asian Association

Maegan Jong

Picture of Maegan Jong

Class of 2024, lives in Winthrop.



About Me: I’m from the Chicagoland area and am a junior in Winthrop studying AB/SM Computer Science and a secondary in Statistics. I’ve explored various tech industry roles like software engineering, data science, and product management and am open to talking about anything related to them! I’m also interested in research and applications of CS in social sciences.

CS Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, Systems, Cloud Computing

Other Interests: Dance, Group Fitness

Concentration: Computer Science with a secondary in Statistics

Courses: CS50, CS61, CS124, CS187, CS238, CS260r, CS286, STAT110

Tags: AB/SM, Research, Internships, Student Organizations

Affinity Groups Harvard Computer Society, WiCS

Matt Tengtrakool

Picture of Matt Tengtrakool

Class of 2025, lives in Adams.



About Me: Hey! I’m a junior in Adams, originally from Burlington, Mass. Currently, I am a joint concentrator in Computer Science and Statistics with a secondary in Economics. My main passion lies in building startups, and I’ve been active in developing products in the financial and education sectors. On campus, I help run the Harvard Tech Review, assist founders through local VC funds, and you can typically find me at the Harvard Innovation Labs. I have worked roles in software engineering, data science and finance. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat!

CS Interests: Fintech, Machine Learning, Sustainable Tech, Data Science, Ethics

Other Interests: Writing, Tennis, Chess, Gardening

Concentration: Computer Science and Statistics

Courses: CS50, CS120, CS124, CS181, Stat108, Stat110

Tags: Entrepreneurship, Internships, Joint Concentration

Matthew Nazari

Picture of Matthew Nazari

Class of 2024, lives in Mather.



About Me: I am a senior at Mather from San Jose, California, studying CS, NELC, and Linguistics. I have conducted extensive machine learning research, most notably with Apple and Harvard’s DtAK lab. I’ve had the pleasure of being a Teaching Fellow (TF) for AC297r, AC215, and Head TF for CS181. After completing my AB/SM requirements in my sophomore year, I became more focused on language documentation efforts for the Northeastern Neo-Aramaic dialects in collaboration with the University of Cambridge. This year, I plan to investigate what language revitalization within these Indigenous speech communities might look like and how AI can support these endeavors. Outside of academics, you can catch me in the ceramics studio, writing poetry, and flashing V2s. Please do reach out whenever—I would love to help out with course selection, internship applications, and more.

CS Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development

Other Interests: Language Documentation, Language Revitalization

Concentration: Computer Science; Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations (double); Linguistics (secondary)

Courses: CS50, CS51, CS124, CS153, CS181, CS205, CS231, CS242, CS276, CS279r, CS282r, CS282r, CS282br, CS282br, CS288, CS299r, CS299r, AM207, AC215, AC297r

Tags: FGLI, AB/SM, TF-ing, Internships, Research, Joint Concentration, (Human) Languages

Affinity Groups Armenian Student Association

Nina Lei

Picture of Nina Lei

Class of 2025, lives in Currier.



About Me: My name is Nina and I am a sophomore in Currier studying CS and Statistics originally from Taipei, Taiwan. On campus, I take CS, Stat, and Math classes and do research applying NLP to pharmacoepidemiology. In the past, I’ve worked on initiatives in CS education equity and digital humanities projects applying computing to history and literature.

CS Interests: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Science

Other Interests: long-distance running, hiking, exploring new places

Concentration: Computer Science and Statistics

Courses: CS51, CS61, CS120, Stat 110, Stat 111, Stat 139, Stat 221

Tags: Research, Joint Concentration

Affinity Groups WiCS, Taiwanese Cultural Society

Sophia Cho

Picture of Sophia Cho

Class of 2024, lives in Kirkland.



About Me: I’m a senior jointly concentrating in CS and Statistics with a secondary in Economics and concurrent master’s in CS. I’m interested in using computational and statistical tools to better inform public policy. On campus, I’ve been involved with the IOP, HULR, and SCAS. I’ve also enjoyed teaching as a Head TF for CS 50 and CA for ECON 50. Feel free to reach out about any of the above or anything else on your mind!

CS Interests: AI/ML, Data Science, Privacy, CS Education

Other Interests: K-pop, Cello, Golf, Soccer, Swimming

Concentration: Computer Science and Statistics

Courses: CS 20, CS 50, CS 51, CS 79, CS 109A, CS 120, CS 124, CS 126, CS 181, CS 182, CS 226R, CS 238, STAT 110, STAT 111

Tags: Research, Internships, Joint Concentration, AB/SM

Talya Li

Picture of Talya Li

Class of 2024, lives in Leverett.



About Me: I’m Talya and I’m a senior in Leverett studying Computer Science and Spanish. I’m interested in privacy and AI governance, as well as the application of tech to education using data science/machine learning tools. I’d be happy to talk about CS & Humanities, starting CS late and research. Outside of CS, you can find me outdoors with the Harvard Outing Club & FOP, and giving tours with the Crimson Key Society. Happy to chat about course selection or any of the above–there are no dumb questions!

CS Interests: Data Science, Privacy, Security

Other Interests: Hiking, backpacking, climbing, traveling

Concentration: Computer Science & Spanish

Courses: CS 20, CS 50, CS 51, STAT 110, CS 105, CS 120, CS 124

Tags: Research, CS & Humanities, CS Education, Started CS late

Affinity Groups WiCS, Quoffice/ QSA, Asian American Association

Teddy Lin

Picture of Teddy Lin

Class of 2024, lives in Eliot.




About Me: I’m Teddy, a senior studying Computer Science. I’ve taken both CS courses at Harvard and AIT Budapest, and did summer internships working on projects in full stack web development and cloud computing area. Apart from academics, I’m engaged in the table tennis and running club, and I love hiking and watching documentaries in my free time. Feel free to reach out for a chat or any questions you have.

CS Interests: back end/infrastructure, cloud computing, data science

Other Interests: Aviation, Microinvesting, GeoGuessing, Ping Pong, Photography, Wordle, Documentary Films, Trail Running

Concentration: Computer Science

Courses: CS20, 50, 61, 124, 171, 181, 191, STAT110, MATH 21a, AIT Scalable Systems and Development Processes, Data Science, Theory of Computing, User Experience Design

Tags: International, Study Abroad

Affinity Groups Harvard Taiwanese Cultural Society (TCS)

William Hu

Picture of William Hu

Class of 2025, lives in PfoHo.


About Me: Hi there! I’m a rising junior studying Math and CS originally from Staten Island, New York. I’m broadly interested in interdisciplinary applications of computer science ranging from its theoretical and mathematical aspects to more applied domains such as computational chemistry. At Harvard, I’ve taken a couple CS courses and have TF/CA’d Math 55. Please feel free to reach out to talk about CS classes, extracurriculars, life at college, or anything else!

CS Interests: Machine Learning, Theoretical CS, Operating Systems

Other Interests: Music, Chess, Gardening

Concentration: Mathematics/Computer Science

Courses: Math 55, CS 121, CS 51, Stat 110, Stat 111, CS 184, CS 61, CS 124

Tags: Research, Internships, Joint Concentration