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Peer Concentration Advisors

Peer Concentration Advisors (PCAs) serve as peer advisors for current CS concentrators and pre-concentrators, providing a valuable perspective and helping students to discover additional resources and opportunities. Students can reach out to meet with PCAs with similar academic, career, or extracurricular interests.

Coming soon: More information about the initiatives and programs run by the PCAs…

For more information, including if you would like to find and meet with a PCA that would be a good match for your interests or concerns, and if you are interested in being a PCA, please reach out to the PCA Co-Captains, Nicole Jarmula and Rachel Kang, through the email address cs-pca@seas.harvard.edu.

You can view the profiles of former PCAs here.

Amy Jin (PCA Co-Captain)

Picture of Amy Jin (PCA Co-Captain)

Class of 2022, lives in Eliot. From San Jose, CA.

CS Interests: I’m interested in AI, computer vision, bioinformatics, web and app development, CS for social good, tech ethics, entrepreneurship

Other Interests: I’m pursuing a secondary in statistics. I love dancing and hiking, and on campus, I’m involved with HCCG, WiCS, and AADT.

Also: Happy to talk about working in industry, doing research, effective altruism, music, or anything else! Feel free to reach out - always happy to help!

Rachel Kang (PCA Co-Captain)

Picture of Rachel Kang (PCA Co-Captain)

Class of 2020, lives in Lowell. From Syosset, NY.

CS Interests: I’ve always been super interested in computer science for how applicable it is to everything, and hope one day to help others with everything I learn! I enjoy front-end web development, data visualization, mobile app development, and other user-oriented technologies - but really, I’m still learning / trying to figure it all out :) One of the most spontaneous decisions I ever made was to study abroad at AIT in Budapest, Hungary last spring - and it was also one of the most rewarding experiences ever! I am also very invested in diversity & inclusion and mental health in tech and am always open to talk about how we can make CS more welcoming to all :)

Other Interests: I’m interested in theatre (pursuing a secondary in TDM), love love all kinds of music, really enjoy scenic walks and traveling in general, and love meeting new people!

Also: Talk to me about study abroad, not loving CS from the get-go, WiCS, interning at Capital One or Cisco, CS171, or literally anything else (related or unrelated to CS)!

Aafreen Azmi

Picture of Aafreen Azmi

Class of 2020, lives in Currier. From South Brunswick, NJ.

CS Interests: I’ve always been super interested in…computational neuroscience, machine learning, clinical research

Other Interests: I love reading, food, and walking through Cambridge. I’m really passionate about refugee healthcare and volunteer with the Asylum Clinic at MGH. This past summer I conducted an independent research project about the usage of electronic health record (EHR) systems in refugee clinics in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. I’ve worked as a peer educator with the Office of Sexual Prevention and Response and with PBHA’s Summer Science Program. I also work in the Cortical Physiology Laboratory at MGH.

Also: I’d love to talk about finding ways to get involved in clinical research, being premed and studying computer science, working at startups/in biotech, writing a thesis, CS/MBB, starting CS late…pretty much anything!

Alex Wendland

Picture of Alex Wendland

Class of 2020, lives in Dunster. From Newport Beach, California.

CS Interests: Systems, Networking, Security, basically whatever isn’t math heavy. Currently working on a CS thesis.

Other Interests: Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship (an effective altruism org), Women in Computer Science (go WiCS!)

Also: I took two years off to co-found a medical device startup (we raised $5+ million and ran clinical trials with around 200 patients). I love talking about anything related to entrepreneurship, no matter where in the process you’re at! There’re a lot of resources available to help you out once you know where to look for them, so hit me up ‘cause I’d love to help you figure them out.

Benny Chang

Picture of Benny Chang

Class of 2022, lives in Mather. From Waltham, Massachusetts.

CS Interests: Software Development, Data Science, Education (TF for CS50). Just the usual.

Other Interests: Comedy, teaching, art, music, and film! Bring any of these up and I’ll blabber on for hours!

Also: As a first generation low income student, I understand the struggle of having to figure your way around and finding your place at Harvard. Feel free to send me an email about any concerns you have about being here or even to just chat!

Catherine Kerner

Picture of Catherine Kerner

Class of 2020, lives in Winthrop. From New York, NY.

CS Interests: I’m a joint concentrator in CS + Philosophy, and my primary CS interests are at the intersection of CS and Economics. Also interested in law for algorithms, ethics of AI, crypto-currencies, data science, and backend web design.

Other Interests: My secondary is in Economics. I have been on the WiCS board for three years and been involved with the SEAS DIB Committee for two. I’m on the Harvard Sailing Team, but also love running and bouldering (always looking for climbing friends!).

Also: Talk to me about being a student athlete, joint concentrations, interdisciplinary work in CS, applying to/deciding between tech internships in big tech vs finance, WiCS! More than happy to chat - feel free to email/FB message me :)

Christine Jou

Picture of Christine Jou

Class of 2020, lives in Currier. From Houston, TX.

CS Interests: I’ve always been super interested in data science, machine learning, cognitively-inspired AI, neuroscience, computer graphics, tech for social good, CS law and ethics

Other Interests: I’m interested in dance, acapella, beatboxing, animation

Also: Talk to me about research, industry, startups in the iLab, WiCS!

Cindy Zhang

Picture of Cindy Zhang

Class of 2021, lives in Quincy. From Foster City, CA.

CS Interests: CS law and ethics (with an emphasis on privacy), product management, tech for social good

Other Interests: I’m a joint English and CS concentrator and love all things literary. On campus, I’m part of the Radcliffe Choral Society, WiCS, and The Crimson.

Also: Happy to talk about doing a humanities/CS joint, finding internships, working for a startup, all types of classes, balancing recruiting/classes/extracurriculars, books/what to read, or anything else!

Cole Bateman

Picture of Cole Bateman

Class of 2021, lives in Kirkland. From Chicago, IL.

CS Interests: Human Computer Interaction research, Artificial Intelligent, Creative Computation, Computer Graphics.

Other Interests: Besides CS, I am also a student athlete on the Harvard Men’s Wrestling team. I am also pursuing a secondary in AFVS (audio, film, visual studies) with a focus on animation. As such, I enjoy drawing and animating; I am currently in the process of creating my own short film.

Also: As a student athlete, I would love to discuss the time management necessary to balance athletics with a CS workload. I would also love to discuss the intersection between the arts and computer science! It is an interesting field with a lot of different opportunities. Lastly, I have been involved in research on campus, so I can answer any questions you might have about that!

David Yang

Picture of David Yang

Class of 2020, lives in Pfoho. From Seoul, Korea.

CS Interests: CS + Biology, ML, and natural language processing

Other interests: I’ve really enjoyed volunteering through college through PBHA and doing research on-campus. I also love biking along the Charles and checking out new restaurants in Boston!

Also: Happy to chat about computational biology, biotech entrepreneurship, venture capital, undergrad research, TFing, pursuing CS + pre-med, and anything else on your mind!

Dimitar Karev

Picture of Dimitar Karev

Class of 2021, lives in Lowell. From Haskovo, Bulgaria.

CS Interests: CS x Neuroscience, Machine Learning, Algorithms and Data Structures

Other Interests: Board/Computer games, Languages, TV-series, and Psychology. I also love traveling abroad and exploring different cultures.

Also: Talk to me about TFing, research, finding software engineering internships, pursuing joint concentration, connections between CS and Neuroscience, summer programs abroad, or just about finding your way around Harvard.

Duncan Rheingans-Yoo

Picture of Duncan Rheingans-Yoo

Class of 2020, lives in Currier. From Columbia, Maryland.

CS Interests: EconCS, CS Theory, Artificial Intelligence

Other Interests: Playing basketball

Also: I’m co-captain of the Harvard Fencing Team, so I’m always happy to chat about managing a CS workload as an athlete! I’ve worked internships in quantitative finance, so hit me up if you’re interested. I can also talk about doing research on campus, either over the summer or term-time.

Emily Chan

Picture of Emily Chan

Class of 2021, lives in Pfoho. From Cambridge, Mass (but originally from the Midwest, and have also lived on the West Coast and in China).

CS interests: It feels like with every class, I just learn how much more of CS there is to explore, but for now my interests are: theoretical CS, cryptography, tech and social good, design, CS x law/ethics, CS education

Other interests: I’m a member of the Mariachi Veritas de Harvard, a volunteer at Harvard Square Homeless Shelter and Small Claims Advisory Service, and a licensed street artist who specializes in portraits (emilychan.carbonmade.com). I love hiking, making music, cooking, creative writing, theatre, and the Great British Baking Show.

Also: I work at the Quad Grille, so come say hi and chat over some food!

Emma Rogge

Picture of Emma Rogge

Class of 2020, lives in Lowell. From Loveland, OH.

CS Interests: I am concentrating in Computer Science (Mind Brain Behavior track). I’ve previously interned at Amazon, Twilio and a few other places. Currently, I’m working on my thesis research on neonatal seizure prediction via machine learning.

Other Interests: Lowell House, drinking tea, making things with my sewing machine & Cricut, and attending the opera.


Gayatri Balasubramanian

Picture of Gayatri Balasubramanian

Class of 2021, lives in Quincy House. From Carmel, Indiana.

CS Interests: Hardware and technology, cloud, defense and government, and applying CS to other fields for modeling and efficiency

Other Interests: Fitness, ethics, Hindu spirituality, and anything that improves lives and livelihoods

Also: Chat with me about switching to CS, being in control of stress, learning to prioritize with a part-time job, sport, and ROTC. Or if you’re also aspiring to do work that merges CS with the public sector.

Grace Zhang

Picture of Grace Zhang

Class of 2020, lives in Mather. From New York.

CS Interests: Data science, machine learning, systems, CS education - really just love CS!

Other Interests: I really enjoy scootering around campus! I’m also very involved with various CS organizations on campus, including Harvard Computer Society, HackHarvard, WiCS, and WECode, and have done a variety of internships in the past. Definitely feel free to reach out!

Jessica Edwards

Picture of Jessica Edwards

Class of 2021, lives in Pfoho. From Alexandria, Virginia.

CS Interests: Data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, privacy, cryptography, and education technology!

Other Interests: Outside of CS, I’m pursuing the Education secondary. I’m involved in the Kuumba Singers of Harvard College, Harvard College Faith and Action, and have previously volunteered through PBHA programs as a Y2Y Homeless Shelter supervisor and a mentor for the Franklin Afterschool Enrichment Program (FASE). Outside of Harvard, I also love exploring the Boston area (or DC when I’m close to home) by going to concerts, restaurants, and plays/musicals.

Also: Talk to me about CS research in the Harvard Graduate School for Education, government tech internships, advocating for women and underrepresented minorities in CS, and anything else on your mind!

Kevin Dai

Picture of Kevin Dai

Class of 2020, lives in Quincy. From Valencia, California.

CS Interests: Machine learning research, computational neuroscience, computer vision, natural language processing

Other Interests: I am part of the Varsity Swim and Dive team here and have been a student athlete since elementary school. In my free time, I like playing the piano, drawing/doodling, playing video games (PC, Nintendo Switch), developing video games (amateur). I am currently doing an undergraduate thesis on multiple context dependent neural text generation.

Also: I’d love to talk about the computational side of life sciences, doing research here at Harvard, undergraduate theses, neuroscience secondary, life as a student-athlete, finding internships, doing research abroad, or anything else!

Lana Gorlinski

Picture of Lana Gorlinski

Class of 2020, lives in Leverett. From Orange County, California.

CS Interests: Academically, I’m interested in the parallels between computer science models and those other fields, such as economics, cognition, and linguistics. Currently starting research in natural language processing!

Other Interests: Outside of the classroom, I’m interested in politics and the increasing impact of technology on subjects varying from journalism to commerce to the world at large. I also am on the Varstiy Water Polo team here; in my free time, I enjoy running, yoga, and exploring the Boston restaurant scene. I also student teach a decent amount and am TF’ing 121 this fall!

Also: Both my internships have been outside the conventional Silicon Valley software engineering roles–tech at a hedge fund my sophomore year and Data Science at Facebook this past year–so feel free to ask about that. I can also speak to working abroad, balancing varsity athletics and computer science, and student teaching on campus. Less concretely, I can speak to what it feels like to feel like an outsider–I was one of two women on my 25 person team my sophomore summer–and dealing with imposter syndrome.

Maggie Wang

Picture of Maggie Wang

Class of 2021, lives in Quincy. From Palo Alto, California.

CS Interests: I love robotics, AI, and systems! I’ve worked on algorithms for autonomous drones at Skydio and smart homes at Google Nest.

Other Interests: I’m a Physics concentrator applying for a Masters in Computer Science through Advanced Standing. I was the Co-Project Manager of the Unmanned Aerial Systems team (now the Harvard College Aeronautics Club) in the robotics club, and I am currently working in a robotics lab at MIT. I am interested in space exploration, geoengineering, and smart cities.

Also: Talk to me about working at a tech startup, research and/or cross-registering at MIT, starting/leading an engineering club or team, or anything else. Please feel free to reach out!

Manasi Maheshwari

Picture of Manasi Maheshwari

Class of 2021, lives in Currier. From Fremont, CA.

CS Interests: I’m interested in natural language processing, product management, CS + education, tech for social good, and entrepreneurship.

Other Interests: I’m pursuing a secondary in economics. I’m also interested in government and like to dance. On campus, I’m involved with WHRB, HCS, and WECode.

Also: Happy to talk about intro CS courses, finding internships, best places to eat near campus, imposter syndrome and gaining confidence in CS, being a woman in tech, or really anything. Feel free to email me or message me on Facebook! :)

Michele Wang

Picture of Michele Wang

Class of 2021, lives in Leverett House. From Fairfax, Virginia.

CS Interests: data science, machine learning, theoretical CS, ~big data~, and applications of CS to any other field (e.g. economics, public policy, humanities).

Other Interests: Academically - I love reading and writing, anything related to businesses or strategy, and moral/political philosophy. Besides PCA, I’m involved in Model Congress and enjoy running and hiking.

Also: I would love to get to know you so feel free to reach out about anything - e.g. thoughts on careers in non-tech industries or non-SWE roles, integrating humanities and social science courses into your schedule, clubs on campus, the Applied Math concentration, and anything else. Feel free to shoot me an email or FB message.

Nari Johnson

Picture of Nari Johnson

Class of 2021, lives in Cabot. From Columbus, OH.

CS Interests: Machine learning, privacy, cryptography, fairness, interpretability, data science, inference

Other Interests: I love teaching, reading about digital transformation / disruptive technology, and the GHHP secondary. I’m also a trained peer counselor!

Also: Please reach out if you would ever like to chat about and/or share any concerns related to diversity, inclusion, and mental health in CS at Harvard and beyond.

Nicole Jarmula

Picture of Nicole Jarmula

Class of 2021, lives in Winthrop. From Chicago, IL.

CS Interests: I’m willing to throw myself into anything, but I’m most interested in AI and cybersecurity. I love the intersection of tech and government, which became a solidified passion after interning with DHS over the summer! In terms of CS extracurriculars, I am a part of Harvard College Cyber Club, Hack Harvard, and Vatican Hacks. I will be studying abroad spring 2020, so I’m happy to talk about planning for that in advance as well.

Other Interests: I’m an undergraduate fellow at the Derek Bok Center Learning Lab, and a member of HAUSCR and HMENA. Outside of (and technically at) school, I’m a huge foreign language nerd.

Rebecca Hao

Picture of Rebecca Hao

Class of 2020, lives in Currier. From Winchester, MA.

CS Interests: Currently really interested in natural language processing, human computer interaction, the design process/principles, and accessibility, but definitely still actively exploring!

Other Interests: Academically, curious about anything on the intersections of CS, language, and the brain. Extracurricularly, I enjoy a good song, walk, talk, book, or InDesign session, and spend a good amount of time kicking things with friends (Taekwondo).

Also: Happy to talk about exploring interdisciplinary work (joint concentrations, working on a CS+Linguistics thesis right now!), Google internships (front end for EP, language models for SWE), finding meaning/confidence, not feeling super confident with math/quantitative things, mindfulness, or anything on your mind :)

Ryan Kim

Picture of Ryan Kim

Class of 2021, lives in Mather House. From Fayetteville, Arkansas.

CS Interests: privacy, cryptography, syn+comp bio, ai, ml, fintech, agtech, bioethics

Other Interests: Beyond CS, I’m studying bioengineering focused on materials science! On campus, I’m involved with Harvard Technology Review and Harvard Computer Society. Recently I’ve been engrossed in learning new languages and overcoming the replication crisis.

Also: I’ve spent some time dabbling in CS research, quant finance, tech investing, and tech publications. Would love to chat about literally anything: entrepreneurship on campus, quant finance recruiting, researching at MIT, venture capital, skydiving, favorite restaurants, etc.

Sean Sullivan

Picture of Sean Sullivan

Class of 2021, lives in Eliot. From Stratham, NH.

CS Interests: The intersection of neuroscience and CS (e.g. biologically inspired neural networks, brain computer interfaces), automation and autonomous systems, and recently the digital humanities.

Other Interests: Entrepreneurship, van life, effective altruism, “social impact,” music, books, teaching, consciousness

Also: I am happy to talk about study abroad, entrepreneurship and related resources available here, taking time off, advanced standing, and product management. I love teaching and helping people understand CS concepts so feel free to reach out if there’s anything in or out of class I can help with! I’m also a trained peer counselor and happy to talk about anything that may be on your mind, CS related or not :)

Serena Davis

Picture of Serena Davis

Class of 2021, lives in Dunster. From Los Angeles, CA.

CS Interests: I’m interested in the cognitive aspect of Computer Science-how humans makes choices and how we can translate those choices to tech. This interest has led to curiosity about the intersections of Computer Science and Finance as well as about the ethical implications of big data in the criminal justice system.

Other Interests: Hiking, aerial arts, technical theater, & food!

Also: I transferred to Harvard as a sophomore so happy to discuss that if helpful!

Wassim Marrakchi

Picture of Wassim Marrakchi

Class of 2021, lives in Lowell House. From Ariana, Tunisia.

CS Interests: I am a joint-concentrator in CS and Math interested in Theoretical Computer Science and Computer Ethics.

Other Interests: I’m also interested in Tunisian politics and the field of Science, Technology, and Society. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading fantasy and manga, watching TV shows and rom-coms, and eating international food.

Also: Talk to me about anything on your mind… pursuing a joint concentration, including some social science and humanities in your computer science education, figuring out the inner workings of CS education at Harvard and in the U.S., or even planning your summers.