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Requirements Comparison

Comparison of old (2020 and earlier) Requirements and Current Requirements

Topic 2020 basic requirements Current basic requirements
Pre-calculus and single-variable calculus MMa+MMb+M1b, or M1a+M1b, or pass out Same (but MMa/MMb explicitly mentioned)
Linear algebra Math 21b/22a/23a/25a/55a or AM 21b/22a Same
Probability and multivariate calculus Stat 110 or Math 21a/22b/23b/23c/25b/55b or AM 21a (includes multivariate calculus) Stat 110, ES 150, Math 154 (no multivariate calculus)
CS courses Eight courses Nine courses
Overlapping CS course requirements 2 basic software, 2 theory, 4 technical electives including 2 breadth courses: all distinct One course can satisfy multiple tags
Basic software Two of CS 50/51/61 or more advanced courses Programming 1 and Programming 2 tags (more possibilities including CS 32, CS 109a/109b)
Theory Two courses: CS 121 + another CS x2x Three Formal Reasoning courses, including Discrete Mathematics, Computational Limitations, and Algorithms tags (CS 20 material explicitly required; more possibilities including CS 120, CS 136, CS 152)
Technical electives Four courses from a set including all CS >50, CS 20, Stat 110 & 195, AM 106, 107, 120, 121, etc. Four courses with CS numbers ≥100 (Advanced Computer Science tag; can overlap with other requirements)
Breadth requirement Two (basic)/three (honors) of the technical electives must be CS xYx with different Y 3–8 One Systems course and one Computation and the World course (basic), also one AI course (honors) (can overlap with other requirements)
Tutorial At most one CS 91r for concentration credit Same
P/F and SAT/UNS CS 50 may be taken SAT/UNS Up to two courses may be taken P/F or SAT/UNS, and may only satisfy the Programming 1 and Advanced CS tags